Why Germany?

Germany is already an attractive medical treatment destination for Europeans, Russians and clients from the middle east.

- Innovative, high quality health care:
Germany ranks significantly above the United States in terms of innovation and quality of care. In this study of European healthcare, Germany ranked ahead of Austria, the UK, Ireland, Sweden and Portugal, amongst others  >> source (pdf)

In 2013, the Commonwealth Fund ranked German health care ahead of the US, Canada, France,
New Zealand and Norway >> source (pdf)

- Significantly lower medical costs:
According to the WHO, health expenditures in the US cost roughly double what it costs in Germany >> source

Sample cost comparisons:

Procedure USA Germany
Cardiac Stents $100,000 $800 / 3 Stents
Hip replacement $93,000 From $20,000
Knee replacement $40,000 From $10,000
Pacemaker procedure $78,000 From $17,000
Coronary bypass surgery $158,000 From $20,000
Hysterectomy $14,000 From $5,800

source source

- Better client services: 
According to the Health Consumer Powerhouse in Euro Health Consumer Index in 2014, Germany has “the most restriction-free and consumer-oriented healthcare system in Europe, with patients allowed to seek almost any type of care they wish whenever they want it” >> source (pdf)

- Shorter waiting times due to high hospital density:
According to the Health Consumer Powerhouse in Euro Health Consumer Index in 2014, unlike many Countries, “waiting times in German primary care…” was measured “…not in months, weeks or days, but minutes!”

In the UK, it may take you up to two weeks to get an appointment with a specialist and up to 18 weeks
for elective treatment >> source (pdf)  

“Waiting times at five-year high in British National Health Service”
 >> source (pdf)

Germany has the infrastructure in place to transport patients within cities in critical life-saving minutes.

And within the German health care system…did you know…?

- that certain treatment costs can be negotiated with the hospital management?
- that university hospitals don’t necessarily have the best specialists for certain treatments?

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